Monday, September 10, 2007

NFL Week 1

Okay, so it appears I may be wrong about this whole Brady-Moss thing. I can only hold out hope that it is a 16-game season, and that week 1 was a fluke....

The Bills loss, however, appears to have been no fluke. Very typical. The Bills get outgained like three-to-one, but manage to hold the opposition out of the end zone for the most part and get a special teams touchdown. But, because they are so badly overmatched, they just can't stop the opposition down the stretch and end up losing a close game. Saw this a half-dozen times last year and already now in Week 1 this year.

Funny thing, watching ex-Bills coach Wade Philips make his debut with the Cowboys, who won. When Wade was with the Bills, they were the polar opposite of the team now - great defense, ball control offense, and terrible special teams. Now, our special teams are our only bright spot, although it seems that Marshawn Lynch, our new RB had a good game yesterday. Anyhow, Wade is wearing a headset now, one thing he was criticized for not doing in Buffalo. I hope he wins the Super Bowl...

That's about it for now. Hope everyone had a good weekend.




DocTorDee said...

Aside from the issue of Brady's arm strength, maybe you neglected to consider the fact that Randy Moss is actually maturing as a human being. I didn't hear a word about the "Randy-Ratio" after yesterday's game.

So, if Randy is a little more mature that you thought, and if Brady's arm is a little stronger than you thought, maybe Randy will finally find a home in New England. Good for him...he's such a freak.

It bums me out that he's not a Viking any more.

Speaking of ex-Vikings, has anyone seen Duante Culpepper lately?

Can't say I'll ever root for Dallas to win the Super Bowl...unless Billy Brabender takes over.


Ralph said...

I'm all for Billy Brabender taking over everything... and like Brady's arm, we'll see about this Moss maturity thing. However, in Moss' defense, I think it was the not-so-great Mike Tice that came up with the "Randy Ratio." Culpepper is on the Raiders, a good place for him, especially if Moss was still there. Anyhow, he appears to have been beaten out for the time being by Josh McNown -or however you spell his name...