Monday, September 10, 2007

Yankees update

Not that anyone case, but the (hated) Yankees have a three-game series at Toronto, starting on Tuesday, and the pitchers scheduled to go are Philip Hughes, Mike Mussina, and Ian Kennedy, in that order. Two rookies sandwiching a struggling veteran who has been pulled from the regular rotation, but gets a start because of an injury to a guy (Clemens) even older than he is. Anyhow, with a four-game lead with 20 to play, you'd think the Yankees would have this wild-card thing locked up-with the way A-Rod is hitting and all. But, at Toronto, with three pitchers who are by no means locks to give you strong games, could set us back a little. This series bears close watching - by and for those who care, of course.

That's all.



DrD said...

Why are you calling the Yankees "hated"?

And why are you calling them "The Evil Empire"?

You don't sound like your old self, old friend.


Ralph said...

I'm just refering to them by the names that most people have for them. Thier brutal efficiency reminds one of the organization that ran the Death Star.