Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Prophet

We've had some pretty insightful posts here over the past week. First, I'd like to offer some kudos to Dr.D for his setiments on Mike Mussina. It indeed appears as if it was too early to give up on the Moose as he threw seven innings of three-hit shutout ball tonight in what looks like will be an easy win for the Yanks. Their up 12-0 after eight. Meanwhile, the Manny-less Bosox lost. Gagne blew the game in the bottom of the eighth, giving up three runs, after two were out and none were on. Wow, has he been a bust for the Bosox so far. Lester, the kid who came back from cancer pitched almost seven strong innings, giving up only one run, before giving way to the suddently ineffective Boston pen. Their lead is down to 2.5 over the Yanks, who are now 4.5 ahead of Detroit. Anyways, looks like the Bombers might get their chance this fall after all. I want to say they're like 15-3 over the past couple weeks.

Back to the prophet stuff, I ran a post about O.J.'s great 1973 season first thing Friday morning last week. This kicked off a dialogue between myself and Dr.D about whether or not he was insane and if this insanity helped him achieve greatness on the gridiron. Little did we know that the night before this post, O.J. had invaded a hotel room in an armed robbery that would by Friday afternoon catapult him back into the center of the media storm. I'd like to say we had it hear first, and in some respects we did. We actually broke the discussion of O.J.'s insanity several hours before any other media outlets began discussing basically the same thing. See, you are smarter if you stop by Ralph's Place.




DrD said...

There's no doubt that you and I have an uncanny knack for seeing deeply when we put our minds together. It comes so easily that I would actually categorize it as a phenomenon.

I can remember a few nights, years ago, talking in what was formerly your den, when our conversations used to spin seemlingly into the deep cosmos, talking about everything from literature to music--from Jack Kerouac to Mickey Hart. Pretty amazing stuff.

I haven't had many conversations to match those.

I can also remember standing in your yard one night, looking up at the stars, talking with great clarity on all kinds of subjects. It's like our combined consciousnesses are more than one+one. It's more like the two of us squared.

Last year, when I returned from the Mythic Imaginations Conference in Atlanta, you and I went for a walk in the woods and discussed some of the major points of the conference: the power of the elements, for example. It all becomes so clear.

Then there was the August Wilson/Jack Watson conversation from earlier this year...about how those who have passed can seemingly influence events in the material world.

Our experiences border on the surreal. I'm looking forward to walking with you again in the future. Maybe Friday or Saturday of Thanksgiving? I know you are busy with your family, but maybe we can get out for a couple of hours.

I would really enjoy that.

Let me know.


Ralph said...

Yes, I always look forward to some enlightening conversations with you...of course, there was that time we transplanting the peonies in the sunlight that should have by all rights blinded us, according to rurallegends.com, but I think it turned out alright, as I can see the flowers blooming every spring. I'd to get together over T-Day weekend. Things seem to be settling down here a bit, with both Mariah and Joey now in school and playing more with friends. Plus, having just hit a year, Andrew is becoming easier to manage every day.