Saturday, September 22, 2007

Football picks

My son Joey, 8, and I did our football picks for this week's Money Mania contest (no point spread, just pick winners).

Joey's picks: College: Mercyhurst, Edinboro, Penn State, Uconn, PRO: Baltimore, Jets, San Diego, Kansas City, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Tampa, Indy, New England, Detroit, Cincy, Denver, Cleveland, Carolina, Washington, New Orleans (42 points)

My picks: College: Mercyhurst, 'Boro, Michigan, Pitt, Arizona, Jets, San Diego, KC, Dallas, Pittsburgh, Tampa, Indy, New England, Philly, Cincy, Jacksonville, Oakland, Carolina, Washington, New Orleans (also, 42 points)

We'll check back on this next week.


DrD said...

So, we're gonna watch the eight-year-old kick your ass at football picks?

Is that the game?

Can't wait for the results.



Ralph said...

That's the plan. I'll do some calculations here when I get a chance