Monday, September 24, 2007

Football weekend

Just on a quick, cursory glance, looks like I'm 14-5 heading into tonight and Joey is 11-8, so that's a good start for dear ole' Dad... Maybe it has something to due with the official arrival of fall, but it sure started to feel like football this weekend up here in Western PA. Despite the fact the, as Dr.D said, baseball is heading down the stretch run (and the Yanks maintained their 1.5 game deficit behind Bosox and 5.5 game lead over Tiggers for wild card), it's hard to resist the strong call of the pigskin in these parts. I missed both Yankees wins this weekend because of football commitments.

On Friday, at least I was able to resist heading over the Gus Anderson field for the annual Prep-McDowell spat, but that was mainly because Gus is a "field" and not a stadium, and it's pretty hard to get a decent seat unless you show up really early. I just don't have that much invested in that game.

But, for some reason, the Penn State-Michigan game was really calling me Saturday afternoon. I tuned in a few minutes after kickoff and saw some solid, hard-hitting Big 10 football for about an hour and a half. Finally, though, I had to turn it off right at halftime, because both quarterbacks were bad. At least the Michigan kid, a 6 foot-seven, 250-pound freshman, has some potential. This Morelli kid from Penn State, despite JoePa's constant defense of him, looked bad. He is pretty innacurate and missed a sure touchdown by throwing a ball three-feet over a kid's head on a third-down crossing route. You can forgive a lot of things in a quarterback if he's clutch....

Our neighbor had us over yesterday. He, like I, is a Bills' fan, which is rapidly turning into some sort of disease I'd like to get rid of. The Bills got squashed again, but Matt had a great setup with the TV in the backyard, and BBQ going, and the kids all running around playing football and other games around us.

Of course, we were hooting and hollering when the Bills rookie back-up QB came off the bench and led the Bills on a marvelous TD drive to take a 7-3 lead. However, Tom Brady, and our old friend Mr. Moss, as well some other familiar faces like Sammy Morris (another ex-Bill come back to haunt us) and Wes Welker, the former Dolphin scrapper, did us in.

Next week, Bills are at home vs. the Jets, so it could mean a win. That's also the last day of the MLB regular season... On a somewhat related note, we are continuing to enjoy wonderful weather up here. Next two days, they're calling for highs in the mid-'80s, but with this breeze blowing through and the cool nights, as I said last week, you really couldn't ask for more.

Anyhow, hope everyone else had a good weekend, as well.




DrD said...

Enjoy the lake breezes...I surely miss them.

It's hot as heck down here. Today and tomorrow are supposed to be 88 degrees.

I know you like this kind of weather, but Nordic folk like myself yearn for highs in the 60s....


Ralph said...

Pretty hot up here today. Breeze seems to have disappeared. Is it too early for "Indian Summer?"