Friday, September 21, 2007

Belichick genius?

For all this talk about what a genius Bill Belichick is, let's remember, his record with the Patriots before Tom Brady took over as the starting quarterback was 5-13. And is record with the Browns in five years prior to getting fired was 36-44. So, his cumlative record without Tom Brady is 41-57, for a winning percentage of 42%. His record with Brady at the helm, including playoffs, is 85-25, for a winning percentage of 77%. So, who's the genious here?

Also, remember, if Bledsoe never got hurt, who's to say Brady is starting even today? Yes, Belichick had enough wisdom to elevate Brady in his second year to second string, past two incumbent back-ups, but still if Bledsoe doesn't get hurt vs, the Jets in 2001, is Belichick even still coaching the Pats today? So, you wonder why he is insecure and has to cheat.


DrD said...
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DrD said...
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DrD said...

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Nice commentary. You seem to have a strong case.

Now, I never met Belechick, and I never played football for him. But as I understand it, the core of his "genius" legend is his ability to prepare players for a game.

Today, it looks like a lot of this "genius" has come from stealing signals from other teams.

At the same time, I think you have to give the guy some credit in terms of player rapport. So, while he may not be a great visionary, he may be very good at getting his individual players prepared to do their individual jobs.

I say this, because, when his current players talk, they all seem to like playing for the guy. Maybe it's because he helps them prepare for their jobs by stealing signals; any player would like to have that information. Imagine being a linebacker and knowing the next offensive play---a huge advantage that would make you happy to play for Coach B.

The signal stealing stuff really sucks; it's like the Barry Bonds home run asterisk. Maybe New England should have asterisks next to their Super Bowls with Belechick at the helm because it has always seemed like he has had some kind of weird advantage over the other teams.

Announcers have attributed Belechick's uncanny ability to his knowledge of the "X s and Os," but stealing signs would certainly explain a lot.

Funny thing is that I thought stealing signs was part of the game (it certainly is in baseball). That's why coaches cover their mouths when they call the plays from the sidelines. But I guess the new Commissioner made it clear to teams this year: no more sign stealing.

Therefore, it seems to have been a problem in the past if the new Commish felt the need to crack down. It's been going on for years and maybe Belechick has just been better at spying than the other coaches.

Mabe he should go into video production.


Ralph said...

I absolutely don't credit the Pats Super Bowl titles with sign stealing. Sure, it helps, but it's not the difference maker, and I'm quite sure the Pats aren't/weren't the only team cheating. I'm going to give Brady credit for the Super Bowl titles. Players like playing for Wade Philips too.