Monday, September 17, 2007

More OJ

An audio tape of the recent OJ incident has now been released. You can hear OJ yelling and calling the guys in the hotel room "motherfuckers." OJ's a scary guy. You can hear it in his voice. I wouldn't want him to come busting into my hotel room, calling me a motherfucker. I'd be scared shitless.

Anyway, back to our OJ insanity discussion. He is either organically insane, which means he has some problems with his hard-wiring, or he's been conditioned by the people and circumstances around him to be anti-social. It's probably both. I know that he has faced adversity in his life, but so have lots of other people, and they don't make the terrible decisions that OJ makes.

Plus, despite his rough early years, OJ was treated like royalty for much of his professional life. Certainly at USC, with the Buffalo Bills, and then into into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, OJ has been treated like a god. He was also a movie star. But gods, if you look to Greek mythology, often behave in ways that are petulant and antisocial---because they can get away with it. Not a good situation for someone with latent schizoid or antisocial tendencies.

So, anyway, OJ would never even think of calling the local police and telling them, "I have reason to believe that there are men in a local hotel who are attempting to sell stolen merchandise that belongs to me. I want it back. Can you help?"

Instead, he takes matters into his own hands. He gets a few of his thug buddies and crashes the party. I mean, is that stupid or insane? I can't tell. If it can be proven that there were guns involved, OJ is in big trouble. Armed robbery is a felony. It doesn't matter if some of the memorabilia once belonged to OJ. That's for the courts to sort out. Any way you slice it, it is a serious crime to walk into a hotel room with an armed posse.

But OJ thinks he's above the law and he has good reason for that opinion. He got away with double homicide once, so he problably doesn't consider this latest escapade as any kind of offense at all, after all, nobody was killed. This makes him all the more dangerous.

He is in jail right now without bond (because, of course, he is a flight risk). I won't be surprised if local law enforcement doesn't use this recent incident as an excuse to lock him up for as long as they can. And Johnny Cochran is dead, isn't he?

OJ should have stayed out of Vegas and kept playing golf in Florida. That's what any sane person would do.

Any sane person would say, "Thank you, God, for letting me beat that double-murder rap. I'm going to lay low for the rest of my life, get laid, play golf and eat good food."

Instead, he felt the need to write a book called If I Did It (insane or stupid?) and go venturing for his sports memorabilia.

I wonder what his family history is like. That would tell us a lot about why he makes such terrible choices on such a regular basis.



DrD said...

The Wiki article on OJ is pretty revealing. OJ's parents were divorced when he was five and he actually suffered from ricketts and had to wear leg braces.

Later, he was involved with a San Francisco gang and served jail time.

His football success didn't come until high school and college. Even after breaking into the NFL, the Bills did poorly for his first several years with the team.

The Steelers actually had a shot at him, but selected Joe Greene instead.

He also had a daughter who drowned in a pool accient.

So, it seems OJ has lived a life of adversity and he has overcome the adversity with his size, speed, and strength.

I'll bet life seems unfair from OJ's perspective. His parents splist when he was five, he had to wear leg braces when he was a kid, he lost a daughter, he's gone through two divorces, then he sees a white guy hitting on his ex, now he sees these other guys selling his memorabilia. I'll bet he sees himself as the victim of circumstance here.

I still believe that he's insane, however, because he makes such consistently poor decisions. It's just that his upbringing didn't help


Ralph said...

While you were posting, I was leaving another comment on the previous O.J. post discussing his psycopathy and youthful criminal behavior. I believe he was into stealing cars and shit. I believe he was also almost like a gang leader, but in calmer times than now.

Anyways, I love the Greek god comparison, as it's one I made myself. He is a very powerful, flawed, renowned, heroic, individual all rolled into one. In other words, he's just like one of us, but with bigger appetites, hence everything he does plays out on the big stage, which makes him a classic mythlogical character for our society. His story is a classic "tragedy" in the literary sense.

Also, did you think he could really "lay low?" Not his style at all. He's a man who lives for action, excitement, and the immediate gratification that it brings. He's a psycopath. If you need further proof, see my post on the time he borrowed a pen of mine at a Buffalo's Bills playoff game.

DrD said...

By the way, sorry to see the Bills lose to the Steelers, but the Bills just don't match up with the boys from Steeltown.

Better luck next week.


Ralph said...

Speaking of measuing up, do you realize the Steelers have a mascot named Steely McBeam? What the fuck's up with that?

DrD said...

I know. They instituted the mascot a few years ago. Probably a marketing thing, for the kids, or something. Not a "Steeler" thing to do, that's for sure.

They still don't have cheerleaders, though, do they?Please tell me they don't...


Ralph said...

I don't believe they have Steelerette's. But aside from the whole whether a mascot is Steeleresque or not - they have apparently named him after a porn star. "Freddie Footjob, this is Steely McBeam, you two will be tag- teaming Luscious Lipps, lights, camera, action!"

DrD said...

Actually, Louis Lipps is a former Steeler. And didn't Freddy Footjob used to work for Corry Publishing? He used to write one of their newsletters.

"To the People Who Make Giantess..."

Ah, the good old days...