Thursday, October 04, 2007

1973 Vikings


Check this out. How about them licks they're puttin' on Staubach? And you're right about Fran looking like one of the greatest of all-time in this video. I'm not sure they make 'um like they used to.




DrD said...

Good stuff.

This takes me back....

I was 11 years old when these videos were shot. The Vikings had so much appeal for me: It was cold and snowy where they were from--just like Erie. They were Vikings, with horned helmets and cool purple jerseys. Alan Page went to Notre Dame and I went to Camp Notre Dame. I even had an Alan Page jersey when I was growing up.

Like Ralph's Bills, I wish the Vikes could have won a single Super Bowl when I was a kid, but they kept running into chainsaws. The Dolphins, the Steelers, and Raiders.

A few years before that, they lost to Len Dawson and the Chiefs. I think they had the best chance to win that game, but they just could never pull it off.

Tarkenton was definitely a great QB. He held most of the NFL passing records for many years, before Marino overtook him.

Defenses hated Tarkenton, because they couldn't catch him. He would exhaust a defense with his scrambling ability.

The reason the Vikings lost those Super Bowls is clear, however: Lack of a running game. Chuck Foreman was pretty good, but they couldn't dominate with the run like the Doplhins did with Csonka and the Steelers with Bettis.

Goes to show you that football is not just about scoring and it's not just about defense, it's about ball control and the Vikes never mastered that the way Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw did.

Thanks for the link; it was fun to watch.


Ralph said...

Yeah, you're right about the lack of a running game I guess. Steelers, Dolphins, and Raiders could all pound that thing up the middle. AFC must have been more powerful back then, as now. But damn, you're right, it was fun watching those Redskins highlights on the frozen tundra. Vikes showed some real heart coming back from behind that game, with Billy Kilmer slingin' for the other side.