Monday, October 01, 2007

Great Plays (and Players) in the NFL

I didn't watch a lot of football yesterday, but--based on the plays that I did see--I am happy to report that the quality of the game seems to be sky-high. There were some amazing plays!

First, to Ralph's obvious pleasure, Terrence McGee continues to amaze. I watched him knock down a pass that appeared to be 15 feet in the air; his timing was perfect. Then he picked a pass to win the game. Good work.

I didn't see the Vikings loss to the Packers, but I did see a highlight of a Vikes receiver catching a ball over a was all hands. Really nice.

Then there were some amazing passes: Big Ben threw a couple of nice TD passes yesterday; one was a bomb and the other was a dart. Both very strong. Too bad Whisenhunt has the Steelers' number...

And Brett Favre, what can you say? I love that guy. Even though he slices and dices my Vikings, I still root for him. He is definitely in my top five QBs of all time.

Speaking of top QBs, Caesar Contraras has posted a useful Top Ten List. Check it out and see if you agree.

My top five would be:
  1. Montana
  2. Favre
  3. Marino
  4. Manning
  5. Elway
Sorry, Fran Tarkenton...

I'm sure there were other great plays on Sunday, I can't account for all of them. I'm just happy to see the athletes excelling at this point in the season.

It's only going to get better.



Ralph said...


Yes, the NFL is good action. But, in my opinion, they are just getting warmed up. The second half of the season is even better as the teams start to gel. Heck, the Colts didn't show their true colors, especially on D, until the playoffs last year and the year before, everyone thought the Steelers were dead in the water two-thirds of the way through.

As for my top QBs, it does something like this.
1. Johnny Unitas - called his own plays
2. Joe Montana - helped revolutionize that game along with his coach
3. Otto Graham - all he did was win baby!
4. Bart Starr - see above
5. John Elway - great player who was constantly pulling stuff out of his a--
6. Peyton Manning - still unifished but could vault to the top
7. Tom Brady - another consistent winner.

Just like you couldn't include Fran, I feel bad about leaving out Jim Kelly-who was a better QB than Marino back in the day. I went with 7 becuase the last two are active and could conceivably crack the top 5.


DrD said...

Nice job. Then there is the all-Pennsylvannia team:

Johnny Unitas
Joe Namath
Joe Montana
Jim Kelly
Dan Marino

Western PA: The cradle of quarterbacks!


Ralph said...

Another good way of ranking QBs is the best in their time:

40-early 50s - Otto Graham
50s-mid-60s- Johnny U
60s-early 70s - Joe Namath
mid-late-70s - Bradshaw
80s - Joe Montana
90s - Brett Farvre
Current - Peyton Manning (with Brady second)

DrD said...
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DrD said...

I think Favre is tough as of the best I've ever seen.

I might even put him ahead of Marino on my list.

Incidentally, my Dad, whose name is "Bart," is a huge Bart Starr fan.

Back in the day...