Monday, October 01, 2007

French Creek State Park

We went camping this weekend at French Creek State Park. Nice place: 7,500 overall acres, 30 miles of hiking trails, and two lakes.

We slept, hiked, ate sloppy joes, meditated, and watched the faces in the fire. The park is only 42 miles from our apartment, so it is easy for us.

We plan to visit Philly and NYC in the near future. We are also supposed to visit Shimmons in DC sometime soon.

That's the big benefit of living here on the East Coast: everything it relatively close. Philly is less than an hour, NYC is about an hour and a half, DC is about three hours, the ocean is 80 miles, and the Poconos are an hour away. Now we just need the time to check it all out.

I'll keep you posted.



Ralph said...

Looks like you skipped the Frisbee golf...Let me know when you're heading to the Big Apple, I can recommend a great cheap Thai place and strong draft beer bar with an all-time jukebox that's just across the street. Hit these places with Soup a couple weeks ago....Also, isn't there a French Creek up in these parts as well?

DrD said...

We'll do the Frisbee Golf next time. Canoeing there seems nice, as well.

Yes, there is a French Creek that begins in Western NY state and flows down through Franklin, PA, into the Allegheny River.

I'll touch base with you before we go to NYC.