Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Ricky Williams

Part of me is hoping that Ricky Williams can make a comeback in the NFL. At the same time, he seems to like the ganja too much to gain reinstatement.

It makes me wonder---is he the only guy in the NFL that smokes weed? That seems absurd. Why isn't anyone else in trouble over marijuana?

And don't some of these guys take steroids? What's the deal with that? Suspend a guy for smoking joints, but injection with a needle is okay? How does that work?

Then there is the NBA. From what I've heard, NBA players are notorious for smoking pot. I believe my hero, Robert Parish, sampled it once or twice (among many others).

Does the NBA look away from this problem? I don't know, but it seems like the NFL is singling out Ricky Williams for some reason. Maybe he's too public about it.

Pundits think he might go to Tampa Bay, if reinstated.



Jess said...

The NBA does not test for pot. If they did no one would be eligible to play. The NFL does test but it's very easy to beat. (Although apparently it's not easy enough...) If Ricky can stay clean long enough to serve his suspension, then the Dolphins will probably try to trade him.

Ralph said...

I would love it if Ricky Williams could get back into the NFL. We need more of his free spirit type in what some call the "No Fun League."

The problem with Ricky, of course, has been that he has gotten caught. It's fairly public knowledge that Erie-native Mark Stepnoski (my Prep classmate) was a regular pot smoker while playing in the NFL. He claimed he liked it better than taking other types of painkillers. Steps is a pretty smart guy, so, like many of the steroid users, he figured ways to get around the drug testing.

Today Steps is actually a big proponent of the decriminalization of marajuana and is very well briefed on the laws surrounding it. As long as marajuana remains illegal in this country, it should probably be dealt with in that fashion. As, Jess states, the NBA has historically turned a blind eye to it, but judging from the shape the NBA is in, I'm not sure this was such a good idea.

I'm guess I'm saying it's okay to fight the power, but you've got to be very careful about how you go about it, as the Man will jump on any excuse to keep you down.