Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Good vs. Evil

The latest Game of the Century, is the most intriguing mid-season NFL-game that I can remember in some time. Seriously, you have two teams, both of which could potentially go undefeated if they weren't playing each other this week. Then, you've got the history between them over the past few years, and finally, you've got a whole good vs. evil undertone.

I mean, everybody loves the Colts, and if you don't, it's probably just because they are so squeaky clean, they make you sick. Kinda' like Roger Staubach back in the day. Peyton Manning is by all accounts a good guy, who lives, sleeps, eats, and breathes football (and he's really funny in commercials). Coach Tony Dungy is a renowned Christian and a sympathetic figure whose son committed suicide. Their best defensive player is 5-8 and he's from Erie...

And then, there's the bad guys. Cheatin' Bill Belichick and super model/actress fuckin' Tom Brady. Dope smokin' Randy Moss. A team that has such a chip on its shoulder that it feels the need to run up the score every week just to prove its dominance. I really hope the Colts kick their ass this week, if just to increase the Patriots bloodlust and set the stage for much bigger game in January-when the shit really counts.

Either way, the morality play that will occur on the field on Sunday is one of reasons I love sports. It should be fun.




DrD said...

"Violent ground acquisition games are a crypto-fascist metaphor for nuclear war."

That's from Back to School, I think.

Anyway, it'll be hard for me to root for the Colts, because I like New England's EastSider Style.

However, it might be fun to see the Colts win just to crank up the heat for the AFC Championship Game.

I can't imagine either team not making it that far. But, as they say, anything can happen.


Ralph said...

That's the thing with Belichick - he's a control freak, so in his world, not anything can happen. He's like Richard Nixon in that way, orchestrating the Watergate break-in to ensure victory in an election he probably wasn't going to lose anyway.

Dennis Rodman said...

You are crazy Ralph, but I like you.