Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hitler mustache

This is a tremendously darkly funny article written by a Jewish guy who walked around New York for a week with a the "toothbrush-"/Hitler-mustache. My favorite line is something like, "If you want to be left alone in coach on a crowded airplane, wear a Hitler mustache." Anyhow, it's got great laugh-out-loud lines like that, while all along enveloping the tragedy that was Hitler. Sad and funny -always a great combo.




stan langerhaus said...

That was a good dig R. I too have often thought about the strange association of Chaplin to Hitler due to their mustaches.

Very interesting piece. I wonder what else is there that is forever associated with some particular person. I suppose Mr. T will always own the mohawk. Yul Brenner no longer owns the cue ball. That's about all I can think of.

DrD said...

Don't forget Jimmy Johnson's hair....