Tuesday, October 16, 2007


The key for me putting well today was taking my time and really thinking about putting. Instead of putting all my focus on hitting strong shots, I really thought about making my putts and how each shot was going to set up my putting. Then I found myself actually trying to make my putts for a change, thinking about them and taking my time, instead of just stabbing blindly and hoping they went in. I'm not sure how much damage this did to the rest of my game, as I didn't hit the ball particularly stellar, but that could just be because I haven't played that much this year.

Anyways, it was very satisfying to make some putts, and when I missed, to actually be consistently close for a change. Of course, the greens we played on, at the Stafford Country Club outside Rochester, were wonderful. Smooth and pretty fast, with some interesting hills to them. I'm not sure if the good fast greens actually helped my stroke or not, but maybe that contributed.




DrD said...

The power of visualization. It's huge.

I've done some amazing things with visualization in my life. It takes work, but the results are well worth it.

I work with elementals a lot, visualizing their innate nature. Summoning the fire elemental in the Spring of '07 took me into a new aspect of my career.

Maybe I'll do an entry on it some time.

"Keep your putter stiff and your balls handy..." ~Rick Morgan


Ralph said...

Yeah, I'd like to read about your visualzation of fire, which seems to take my putting visualization to the next level. (and I'm starting all my responses this round with "Yeah," it appears.