Thursday, March 05, 2009

Life on Mars being cancelled

I read on-line today that the only TV show I watch regularly is being cancelled after this season. Apparently it's going to run through the 17th episode, which gives it like four more to go. As I've said several times on this blog, I really enjoyed the show. It seemed like it was going downhill a bit after two flat episodes last month, but then came back with a really strong show last night. You can catch most of the shows on the ABC Web site I've linked to above.

I loved the 1973 premise of course, because I've always had a fascination with that very year. I was six turning seven, and it's the first year I have a clear memory of things. On top of that, the story line was wierd enough with enough twists to keep it interesting and there often seemed to be one momemt in each show that I could particularly relate to. Last night, it was a son talking about his dad, the week before it was Harvey Kietel's character talking about his daughter. Really, in many ways, with the whole 1973 thing - well, and then you had points in the show where wierd shit would happen to Jason O'Mara lead character-when the TV would talk directly to him - well, it kind of freaked me out at times, but it was definitely a good trip.

Unfortunately, as much as I talked the show up, I only found two people that shared my passion for it. One was my brother in Florida and the other was a friend I grew up with. I guess this is why it's going off the air - not enough people were excited about it.

That all said, the show is based on a British show by the same name that was a success, but only ran 16 episodes because the story line ran out. And, apparently, the 17th U.S. show is going to bring some sort of closure to the lead character's journey back in time. So maybe, it has run its course anyhow. I also read that there is DVD version of the British version of the show due to come out this spring, which could be interesting.

One thing we likely won't be seeing, however, is a sequel, such as the one that is debuting on the BBC this month. It's called Ashes and Ashes (another Bowie song) and apparently centers on a woman detective who has studied Sam Tyler's (O'Mara's character) case and gets knocked back to the 1980s and put on the same force with all the guys he hung out with in the 70s. Sounds like another trip.




Anonymous said...

I totally LOVE this show and have watched every single episode. I'm sorry to hear it's going off the air!

stan langerhaus said...

R, i know how you feel. i felt the same way when Arrested Development got yanked.

p.s. i think the song is ashes to ashes


Ralph said...

Sorry, I certainly meant to write Ashes to Ashes. It's good to hear there was another fan out there. Well, we've a got a few more episodes to enjoy.

jack said...

I love the show myself. And im only 17. We used to watch it every thursday night up at our first aid squad building. It hink switching the nights around didn't help either.

Susan said...

I and some of my friends LOVE this show! The thing I don't think people really got about Life On Mars is how similar it was to actual cop shows back in the 70's and it poked fun at them too! The music they use is so awesome! I'm really sad to see ANOTHER Great Show bite the dust. There was a series two years ago on NBC "The Black Donnellys" that met the same fate in it's first season as well as Journeyman. I wish SciFi would consider picking up "LIFE"...Sam Rocks!!

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that the networks do not give certain shows a chance if they are a little different.Life on Mars is one of the best shows on tv.Instead thy continue to put on reality shows.Each one is worse than the one before.And some shows go on year after year.I understand it is all about how many people view the show,but I don't understand how some shows are not even givern a chance.Please reconsider Life on Mars for a second season.

Lee said...

I was a Senior in High School in 73" and this show, the look and sound of it, flooded me with memories every time I watched it. My Granddaughter has been watching with me and would start asking questions about my "good old days" every week. I certainly will miss this show.

Anonymous said...

I sat by the TV each and every week, the charaters were strong, the acting great....the story line to me would lend itself to much more than a season. Very disappointed in ABC, so much that I am avoiding watching ABC. And I can just image what the cast thought when they received their final script. Writers, do your job...and ABC bring it back