Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Top seed graduation rates

Interesting piece today on the graduation rates for basketball players at the top four seeds in the upcoming NCAA, Division I hoops tourney. The study gives freshmen six years to earn diplomas. Pitt did fairly well with a 69% graduation rate, with North Carolina over year. I thought it was interesting the UConn, whose coached recently blasted some left-wing journalist who was pestering him about his outrageous $1.5 million salary when the state of Connecticut is practically bankrupt, graudates like 30% of its players. Great job coach. The article cited several schools in the torney with 100% graduation rates: Binghamton, Florida State, Marquette, Robert Morris, Utah State, Wake Forest and Western Kentucky. Florida State??? I guess the basketball program is kept away from the footballers.

Also, while we're on the topic of college basketball, congratulations to Gannon and their excellent coach John Riley, for a strong season. They host Kutztown tonight for a chance to advance to the Elite Eight of Division II. Gannon has already beaten Kutztown twice, and the home crowd will definitely be loud- but of course nothing is a given.



Anonymous said...

Gannon seems to have Kutztown's number, so the Golden Bears are gonna really have to rise up to win this one.

My question is this: Why does Gannon get home court advantage? Is it a rotating thing or is it because Gannon's priests have some kind of direct line to God?

Seems unfair...

In any event, Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Ralph said...

Typically, home court in these regional tourneys goes to the highest seed, and Gannon is ranked like 5th in the nation. Also, in the past, some attention was paid to a team's attendance at home games, and, historically, Gannon has had one of the best supported Division II programs in the country - so yes, maybe the priests do have a direct line to God!