Monday, March 09, 2009

T.O. Why?

Of course, the big question I've already gotten is why the Bills would sign Terrell Owens? The guy's attitute has pretty much gotten him shipped out of the only three pro teams he's ever played for, as well as one team he never even suited up for for (If you remember S.F. tried to trade him to Baltimore before shipping him to Philly, but he made a big stink.) I mean why would the Bills, who have enough problems already, want this guy on their team?

Okay, as a qualifier, I haven't read any other analysis of this trade yet, so here's my take as a long-time, and recently suffering, Bills fan.
1. T.O. brings us some offense. The last couple years, the Bills have bemoaned the fact that they have to little offense to win ballgames. While this is true, some of the blame can also be layed on a defense that can't stop the run, which keeps the offense off the field. But, regardless, we need to score more points and T.O. has scored 58 touchdowns in his last 68 games. That's like .85 touchdowns a game, which is a pretty good number. On the flip side, he did score those TDs as part of two pretty good offenses, the Eagles and Cowboys, which both certainly have more firepower than the Bills have. Also, he's getting older and only scored 10 TDs last year - however, the decrepit Brad Johnson was his QB for three games or so, but nonetheless, at 35, although he apparently keeps himself in great shape, age may be starting to catch up with T.O. as well. Bottom line: he does bring us more offense.
2. He's a great short to medium range receiver: That's always been my opinion of him at least. I remember a few years back when they paired him with Bledsoe, I knew it was a disaster waiting to happen, because Bledsoe throws a great rainbow deep ball, but Owens is great a catching short passes and breaking tackles. I'm not saying he can't get deep, but he sets it up with his short game. Now, the Bills have a great long-ball threat in Evans, and need someone to tear it up underneath to open it up deep, and Owens should be that guy. Then again, I thought that was the Cowboys theory when they picked up Roy Williams from the Lions last year, and it didn't seem to work out for them. That said, our QB, Trent Edwards, has an arm and game a lot more similar to Romo, McNabb, and Garcia - three QBs that Owens clicked with (despite what he might say) - rather then Bledsoe. Bottom line: Owens should fit into our offense.
3. Owens is a marquee name: I'm not saying he's going to help sell more tickets by himself, but if he does help us win, people will buy tickets. Also, he gives the TV people a reason to put us on the tube. Finally, and this is my hope, his signing may help attract other free agents to Buffalo, because we certainly need some linemen. Bottom line: he'll help put the Bills back on the map.

Another great thing about this is that it's a one year deal, for not a ton of money, so if it doesn't work, oh well, we took a shot.

Now, there's a lot of negatives and I really don't want to get into all those, as I'm sure other people already have. One thing a I will say is that at least he is going to force Coach Dick Jauron to earn his money.




Anonymous said...

Is Jauron anything like Phil Jackson? If so, maybe he can take TO to a Zen-like place where he can excel without being divisive.

If not, then the pattern will continue: At first, it will be high expectations, and TO will deliver.

The Bills will improve by at least two games from last season, going 9-7. That will give them a shot at the playoffs.

But then, the pattern will kick in: TO will be TO. Instead of being a unifying force in the locker room, he will begin to divide the organization.

They will eventually grow tired to him and want him to leave so that they can develop other talent.

Bottom line: The best thing about this move is making it a one-year deal. Anything more would be absolutely foolish.

Ralph said...

Jauron went to Yale, Jackson went to like Montana State or something. No, while both may generally have a calm demeanor, I think the similarity ends there. I can't see Jauron being able to handle T.O.

I'll tell one quick story about Jauron. The year before he was hired by the Bills, he was the interim head coach of the Lions - after Mariucci left I think. Anyhow, I was watching a Sunday night game, and that guy who now plays for the Browns - Big Daddy Rogers - took like three or four unsportsmanlike conduct 15 yarders in the second half. Basically, he was out of control and ruined any chance the Lions had for winning. And Jauron just stood there calm as glass on the sidelines. He had obviously lost the team, and then the Bills hired him in the offseason. And now they've given him T.O. to deal with...