Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Life on Mars Update

Wow! A truly mind-blowing episode. Great music, great guest starts, great plot, surprise ending - working toward the resolution of the why is Sam in 1973 mystery - all the stuff that makes this show great - coming on the heels of last week's stinker. Anyhow, I'm now getting really bummed out that I think I am going to be out of town (and scheduled to be at a meeting) the night of the final episode.

I was considering getting a VGA cable to hook my computer to my TV to watch MLB.TV. I guess can try that and see what kind of picture/sound I get. I'm really wishing I had some sort of TiVo way to record high-def programming at this point. Now that I think of it, I think I can get a high-def i-tunes download. I'll have to check it out.

Anyhow, if you have an hour to kill, check out this week's episode and let me know what you think. (Warning: Ignore Jason O'Mara's in-and-out brogue.)




Anonymous said...

I totally love this show, I am so disappointed that they cancelled it. How can you not love the time, the music, Jason!!!! and the prospect of Anne and Spaceman finally getting together with her becoming a detective. I bet that is how they end it, or he goes home, one or the other. But I will be upset at the last show no matter how they end it. Oh well!!!

Ralph said...

I believe the English version of the show ended with Sam committing suicide or something like that... but I doubt Americans could stomach such a dark ending, especially these days.

The Rush Blog said...

Considering that the show will be going off the air, you will be surprised at what Americans can stomach these days.

And many US television series have being going off the air in an ambiguous or dark note . . . unless its CHARMED.

Ralph said...

I guess I haven't watched TV shows recently to notice the move toward darker conclusions. I know I did really enjoy Desparate Housewives the first reason because of its subtle dark humor, then it just got preposterous and boring.