Monday, March 23, 2009

New Cringely Site

For those of you that are fans of one of the greatest technology journalist/columnists of all time, he has a new site - have broken away from PBS. I've added it to the links on the right. Having worked at a start-up the matured into a mid-sized organization, I really enjoyed this post on Bowling for Dollars.


Anonymous said...

I saw that he broke away from PBS.

He wrote about TARP a few weeks ago...I didn't like that TARP idea from the beginning. Banks just used the money to pad their bottom lines. Go figure.

I say: Give the money back to the people! Let them pay-down debt! The banks would still get their money and people would be able to reduce debt.

I know West-siders want to keep the money for the wealthy banks and land barons, but I say give it to the taxpayers!

Ralph said...

I guess you can give it to the taxpayers, as long as you attach a string that they have to use it to pay down debt. I'm not so sure this giving it the bank thing is working, and they're attaching strings to that anyhow..