Monday, September 22, 2008

NFL Round-up

I tried to post this last week, but kept getting error messages for some reason. It's my return to the AFC East Report, the place where I made my unfortunate predictions about the Tom Brady-Randy Moss combo last year. I've gone on record as admitting how wrong I was on this. Watching the Patriots, and Moss in particular struggle this year, reenforces what a wonderful combo Brady and Moss really are.

It's also interesting to note that whereas Brady was still a pro-Bowl player without Moss, Moss is really struggling so far without Brady. Related to that, if the Patriots continue to struggle, I think it will somewhat expose Belichick as a fraud. I'm not saying this is going to happen, but Miami sure put a thumping on them at home yesterday. This puts Belichick's career record in games when Brady was not his starting quarterback at 43-58. As I wrote last year, who's the real "genius?"

Which brings me back to the Bills and Trent Edwards. Yesterday, for the second game in a row, Edwards led the Bills to an awesome fourth-quarter comeback win. Without Edwards... well I was going to say the Bills would be 1-2, instead of 3-0. But he did stink the joint up for three quarters, before turning it on. Like Brady, and perhaps Joe Montana even, Edwards seems to have that ability to turn it on when he needs to to win a game. This has always been my favorite trait in a QB. It's an intangible that's real hard to quantify. Granted, the Bills did barely beat the lowly Raiders at home, so not all was peaches and cream, but they did pull it off. It's always the mark of a good/great team, when they can win if they are not playing their best, and the Bills certainly made enough mistakes yesterday to give the Raiders the game. Hopefully, the mistake part is not a trend.

One final note - both Brady and Edwards grew up in Northern California, where Montana played most of this career.

Also, Dr.D, maybe Frerotte is your savior. He also did just enough to help the Vikes pull out a win. Perhaps the ole Kittanning Kid is ready for one last run...




DrD said...


Nice job getting posted on the AFC East Report. You have an excellent knack for provoking people (some might call it "instigating"; however, I think it's an admirable trait, because you aren't simply trying to be provocative for the sake of provocation.

Instead, you tend to pull more information from people or ask them to explain a particular viewpoint that either seemed contradictory to a previous comment or poorly reasoned.

In any event, good work.

As for the Vikings, I don't know that Frerotte is any kind of "savior," but if he can help us win eight games, I'll be happy.

By the way, I started my teaching career at Ford City High School near Kittanning. I know the area well.


Ralph said...

I believe Frerotte is a graduate of Ford City in fact. Were you there in the late 1980's at all?

DrD said...

I started teaching professionally in 1989, but I was teaching for Butler Community College and Ford City HS was the location of one of the branch campuses.

So, no, I didn't teach Guster. I just root for him.