Monday, September 15, 2008

Thanks DrD

Just want to thank the good doctor of his series of solid posts over the past few days. I haven't been online, as I've been busy at the home front. Here was my weekend schedule, just for kicks (it was a lot of fun):
1. Friday night - went shopping for couches and home theatre/receiver units
2. Saturday morning - golfed nine holes in the rain at Millcreek.
3. Saturday afternoon - removed carpet and tack boards from living room floor, choosing to go with the hard wood that has been covered since we bought the house. It's in pretty good shape. As a sidenote, you probably don't want to know how much dirt is buried underneath your carpet.
4. Saturday night: Second round of couch and home theatre/receiver shopping, as well as food shoppinig for two-year old's birthday party on Sunday.
5. Satruday late night
: Ate trememdous Permanti Bros. style sandwich from Steel City.
6. Sunday morning. Check paper for deals on home theatre/receive units. Drive to Circuit city to purchase one.
7. Sunday late morning/early afternoon: Hooked up home theatre receive unit and reassembled living room, while watching the bigging of the Bills-Jags game.
8. Sunday afternoon: Thoroughly enjoyed the Bills win, while taking breaks to cut lawn and set up tables and chairs for late afternoon/evening party.
9. Evening: Grilled hamburgs, bratwusrt, and dogs for party, after stopping at liquor store, beer distributor, and Six-pack shop to secure libations.
10. late evening: Watched Browns-Steelers game while wind gusted at 40 mph outside my house.
11. later evening: Was lying on the couch in my underwear to beat the heat, when I was surprised by my brother-in-law and his family, who were headed to Buffalo Wild Wings when the power went out on upper Peach.

So, I'm finally back online.




DrD said...

Wow. Sounds like great fun. Makes me home sick...


dangerfield said...

Good work ralph, nice to see somebody doing their all to fund the recovery. can anyone say "Stimulus #2 coming down the pike..."