Monday, September 15, 2008

Vikings, Steelers, Bills

I watched (and cringed) all week as Mike Greenberg (from Mike and Mike in the Morning) predicted that the Vikings would defeat the Colts.

All the while, it was clear to me that "Greenie" hasn't been following the Vikes for long enough. The Vikings' Achille Heel for this year: They have no passing game (and, as a result, can't score TDs).

While it's true that Minnesota pounded the Colts physicall and should have won the game, they found a way to lose just before the final gun sounded.

After Adrian Peterson ran for 160 yards on the Colts defense, and after Joseph Addai--at one point--had 10 yards on 14 carries, the Vikings could only manage a pathetic five field goals.

If they would have scored one TD out of all those chances, they would have won the game.

Viking's next loss: Carolina.


Glad to see the Steelers get out of Cleveland with a win.

The Browns seem to make the silliest mistakes when the Steelers come to town. If you saw the end of the first half, you'll know what I'm talking about. They mismanaged the clock like they were a bad Pop Warner team.

Then, when they had the chance to tie the game with 3 or 4 minutes left, they decided to kick a field goal. I was amazed! Thanks for the gift! There's no way you take the FG at that point. That serves no purpose whatsoever.

Did Romeo Crennel think that his offense was really going to get the ball again with enough time to drive all the way downfield against the Steelers? That's crazy talk.

I gotta hand it to the Browns, they did have a couple of very good drives. They worked very hard to get the ball into the Red Zone, but going against the Steelers is hard work, and you don't get too many chances. Most of all, it's time-consuming. Romeo must have been watching a different game than me if he thought he was going to get another shot at a TD.

Steelers face the Eagles next week in the Battle of PA. The Eagles look tough. The Steelers will have to play mistake-free football in order to beat Philly.


Finally, I'm glad to see the Bills winning. They looked pysically tough during the preseason and I was impressed. I have a lot of friends who are Bills fans, including my brother and Ralph, so I have a soft spot for them. I hope they do well this season and unseat the Pats.


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Ralph said...

There an interesting piece on Sports Illustrated dotcom that compared AP to Walter Payton. Payton was stuck with shitty QBs more of his career as well. One of my friends who I've known since pre-school is a Bears fan and was lamenting that fact that he's suffered through bad quarterbacks for pretty much his whole life- execpt for one or two years when Jim McMahon was healthy. At least you have the Tark.