Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Minnesota Vikings

Before the season began, the pundits said the Vikings were one QB shy of the Super Bowl. After watching last night's game against Green Bay, I'd say that they're a little more than a QB shy.

While Jackson's shortcomings were evident, the Vikes have more problems than that.

But let's begin with strengths: Run defense is awesome. Adrian Peterson is unreal. Plus, they seem to hit hard as a team.

Weaknesses? Pass defense, special teams, and, yes, Tarvaris Jackson.

The question is this: Is Brad Childress going to wake up and realize that Jackson is not the man for the job? I'm not hopeful. I'll bet the Vikes live and die with him (mostly die) for the entire season.

I hope it doesn't linger like the Kordell Stewart drama of the Bill Cowher days. Jackson doesn't have it, and the Vikings need to solve this dilemma.

They might as well make the commitment to Frerotte and look to next year's draft.



Ralph said...


I don't know the Ferotte has the potential to be any better than Jackson, especially not until you get your left tackle back (who was suspended for four games due to a night club fight. When will the curse of the Metrodome end?). At least Jackson brings some wheels to the field.

But, is Jackson the long-term answer? I'd have to agree that the answer is no, because at least twice I watched him get pummelled from the blind side, without having any "feel" that they rush was coming. As a Bills fan, I watched both Rob Johnson and JP Losman suffer from this same lack of feel and knowledge about when to step up in the pocket. Eventually it will kill you. Our new QB - Trend Edwards, seems to have much better pocket feel, which hopefully leads to a long and successful career.

Otherwise, I thought the Vikes looked pretty good, but it's hard to win without a good QB - even if the Bears managed to pull it off Sunday night at Indy.

As for the special teams and pass defense, I wasn't watching the game close enough to notice. I was actually at a tremendous outdoor setup, in which a friend of mine was projecting the game onto the home made screen. The NFL is the cause for some great parties.


DrD said...

The Metrodome curse will end when the Vikings move back outdoors.

Unfortunately, I don't think that will ever happen, at least not in my lifetime.

I guess the fans want to be comfortable.

Maybe, some day, the people of Minnesota will see the light and remember that football is meant to be played outdoors.

Now, ping-pong--that's meant to be played indoors...and poker.

Love the outdoor projector. I've been considering such a setup myself.