Monday, April 03, 2006


Wanted to apologize for a dirth of postings over the last week or so. Been a bit slowed down by this stomach/sinus/it's all connected thing...Also trying to get ready for trip I have this week. Heading to Southern California, where, incidentally, the weather is supposed to be mid-sixties and cloudy and rainy. Now, I don't know what cloudy and rainy means out there, but we'll see. However, I can say that I've rarely enjoyed great beach weather in my trips to Cali. Strange how that Hollywood machine works...

Reason I'm posting now, if you'll excuse me, is because the people who I am going to see, despite my protests, claimed they could only book me on Northwest. And yes, even though it's the first flight of the day, it's already delayed because of insufficient crew rest. Instead of leaving at 6:30, we're leaving at 7:10. Not too bad and I should make my connection, but mind you, they originally wanted to book on a later flight with like a 30-40 minute conneciton window, so at least I'm not feeling too bad about getting up at 4:30 this morning.

More later.




Stan Langerhaus said...

Northworst strikes again!

Ralph said...

Yes, and after landing successfully in Detroit, I was nearly stuck there again because of mechanical problems. Fortunately, they were able to fix with only an hour delay but they definitely threatened that it could have been worse..