Thursday, April 27, 2006


I rarely leave my house before 9 a.m. to do anything but play golf, go to the gym, or grab a cup of coffee and a doughnut. Today, I was feeling especially ambitious and thought I would go to the MAC, fill the car with gas, and pick up breakfast for the family. Well, I guess the planets are just not aligned right for me at this early hour. I went to the MAC at 36th and Liberty, it was broken. I started to drive up Peach to hit the NW MAC at the Mall and realized there was a school zone thing going on at St. George's. So, I ducked into Country Fair on Gore and Peach to fill up the car and regroup. Pump wouldn't take my card. A blessing in disguise I figure, as now I have to go inside, but I can use the cash back option and not have to deal with the school zone. Cashier's checkout wouldn't take my card. Now, I'm just flummoxed, so I get in the car and drive back home. Put on my own damn cup of coffee and toast.




Anonymous said...

I've always liked the word "flummoxed."

Anonymous said...

I agree. Good word.

DocTorDee said...

Flummox: An informal word of English dialectical origin meaning to confuse or perplex.

Not to be confused with bullock, a castrated steer.

Ralph said...

You're all on to me. I actually made this whole thing up just as a way to get "flummoxed" into cyberprint.