Friday, April 14, 2006

Howlin' Wolves

We checked out the home opener for Erie Seawolves last night. Great night. Great weather. Even though the Seawolves lost (big), it was a great game. Baseball of course, is the American pastime, which means a game is a great way to pass time - I think- and on a beautiful night there is nothing better. Of course, about the middle of the ninth inning the weather started to turn. It dropped about 10 degrees and today's rain and chill is the end result. It looks like the rest of the Seawolves homestand will be tough - as far as attendance goes. There were only like 4,000 there last night and it was beautiful and opening night and they previewed this new scoreboard, which cost like $1 million. This all leads to my point that Erie is not a Double AA town. I know I'm hearkening back to days of 'yore, but the Seawolves were kick-ass as a NYP short season team, because the season started in late June and Erie doesn't really get rockin' until that time. Springtime in Erie generally sucks and it's not time for baseball. At least last night was fun, but that I think is the exception. We'll see...


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DocTorDee said...

I agree. Erie doesn't turn into a baseball town until June.