Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Here's some of the action from courtside at Staples Center Friday night. I'll have to say these guys are pretty impressive in person. They didn't put much into in the first half, but as they came down the stretch, their athleticism really started to show. That's Sam Cassell and Mike Bibby with the great Ron Artest in the background. Artest dominating coming in and the Kings won by three. Although Friday was a great night, I'm still not sold on L.A. I guess my brush with greatness story is that that Penny Marshall sat directly in front of us for the third quarter, but still I as having a tough time getting down with the whole L.A. vibe. As DoktorDee commented earlier, San Diego can be a nice place, and S.F. is great. Still, however, searching for real kicks in L.A.




DocTorDee said...


So, you went all the way to LA to go to a basketball game? No wonder your not feeling the LA love.

I'm kidding, of course. I know how much you enjoy sports, so that would be a natural thing for you to do. It's a bit too commercial for me, however.

Personally, I would have been more inclined to seek out music and food in Los Angeles. I would think there would be some great Latin music and some awesome Mexican food.

Did you meet up with either of those? It might have done more for your soul than the NBA.


Ralph said...

No. I guess I was hangin' with people from O.C., so we weren't really get down in the 'hood... or even jumping into the music scene -which I'm not really sure what that inovlves in LA. Staples Center, for instance is located in downtown LA, but it's like in the middle of nowhere - there's nothing around it - it's not like the PNC or Jacob's field, for instance... As I said, all I really saw were strip malls and freeways. I suppose you could hit Hollywood, but this guy seemed to dismiss that as not worth it. I'm tellin' you, that L.A. is a funny place...

Anonymous said...

Penny Marshall...a brush with greatness?