Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Singing Bridge

Okay, so the Singing Bridge at Presque Isle is getting old and needs to be replaced. I understand that part.

But, instead of getting the job done during the off-season, they plan to close the bridge on Wednesday, April 12...just as the nice weather begins. That strikes me as odd. This project should be wrapping up now, not starting.

Then there's the kicker: News reports claim that they hope to have the bridge rebuilt by Labor Day.

Labor Day????

I mean, that bridge isn't that big. Why should it take five months to rebuild? That seems like an awfully long time for such a short span.

Besides, what are they going to do with all the traffic that heads in that direction at Presque Isle? Are they going to put in a big turnaround at Perry Monument? Or maybe they'll have a big sign at the split point telling people that the bridge is out. Seems like a big mess to me.

Maybe people will be so enamored with the new Tom Ridge Center that they won't need to actually visit Presque Isle...

Seriously, here's hoping that the bridge project is completed before the end of the tourist season. I would like to learn more about how these decisions were made.


The Man Who Rides His Bike Around Presque Isle ~25 Times Each Year.


Ralph said...

Right. I wonder if the timing and length of the project has anything to do with wanting to minimize disturbance of the ecosystem.

DocTorDee said...

I can see that the length of the project might be influenced by environmental concerns; however, I don't see how the time of year would affect it.

Hmmm...maybe we can interview Harry Leslie.

Maybe I'll shoot him an email.

Ralph said...

Who knows, maybe there are some rare birds that nest there in the winter or something.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the traffic jam that forms on the 4th of July!!! Another perfect example of the stupidity of government. Instead of rare birds that nest there (as Ralph pointed out) maybe some environmentalist found a rare fly or spider!!