Thursday, April 06, 2006

SoCo (as in Southern Cali)

All right. I think they've made posting pictures easier. Anyways, that's my "surfer dude" shot from not-so-sunny Southern California. I'm about to give up on this place. Highways and strip malls and the weather isn't even nice. We stayed at this tremendous resort by the beach in the picture the past couple days and they had two beautiful outdoor swimming pools, but noone could use them. I guess the weather out here has to be nice sometimes, but I never seem to get it. And the thing is, there were all these Europeans at this conference who brought their summer clothes because they've all seen too much of sunny California on TV I think. It's a fraud. I really made up my mind I was going to have a good time out here this time and so far it's mostly sucked. Tomorrow my last chance, otherwise, I'm going to throw this place on the scrap heap. We've got courtside Clippers tix. I also brought cha-ching - which I thought was all you needed to enjoy yourself out here. I guess you need more. Well I'll let you know. Looking forward to an interesting time at least.


DocTorDee said...

I've typically had good weather in California. One time in Monterey it was really rainy.

Other than that, it's been pretty good. San Diego, in particular, has always been very pleasant (and San Fran is always the same).

Come back to Erie..we're supposed to have nice weather next week.


Jim Lichtenwalter said...

Well, I hope at least you enjoy the game!

Ralph said...

Yes, things actually got a little nicer yesterday, restful, mid-60s and sunny. Got to an outdoor mall that was typical O.C., but I kind of got into the kitchz of it - or whatever that word is.


Stan Langerhaus said...

Ralph, sorry to hear that SoCO is not all that you dreamed of. Strip malls and Hummers just aren't good in person as they seem on TV. Anyway, I am presently getting shitfaced drinking white russians. How could have thought that drinking milk in Erie, PA could be so much fun.

Give my regards to the left coast.

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