Saturday, April 29, 2006

Chaffee Gathering

Doug Chaffee has announced that this year's Annual Chaffee Music Gathering will be held at his place in Girard on July 21 and 22.

Headliner for this year is Ekoostik Hookah. I believe I saw them at least once at Grape Jam several years ago (Wattsburg, 1998, maybe?). {Ralph, were you there that year, or were you there for The Tragically Hip and The Dude of Life?}

Anyway, Doug Chaffee's website is

He hasn't updated the site yet, but he will as he gets more bands. Be sure to check it again as we move toward summer.

The Gathering is lots of fun and family oriented...I've played there with one band or another for the past three years and always had a good time. Kids on swingsets and mellow people hanging out. Never had any hassles.

The event benefits the Children's Advocacy Center of Erie County and the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation.

Doug is a good guy and deserves lots of support for taking on this event every year. Go hang out at his place in July and listen to some good music.



Ralph said...

The show I saw you at was 1998 - Tragically Hip, Yellowman, John Brown's Body, your buddy drawing the caricatures, thousands of drunk Canadians and their Labatt's Blue. Good time.


Anonymous said...

Right on. Ekoostik Hookah must've been 1999...that was the last year for Grape Jam at Wattsburg Fairgrounds.

Then it moved to Kissing Bridge in New York State for 2000. That's when I saw Fishbone ( were outrageous!

There was no Grape Jam after 2000. Matty moved on to other things.

Liz said...

ekoostik hookah has changed, they've got their original guitarist back, John Mullins.

You can hear what they sound like now: April 29, 2006