Monday, February 27, 2006

Port Deal

I have no idea if this guy is a Republican, Democrat, liberal, or conservative, but he does the best job putting into words my opinion on this whole port thing. Maybe it's just the Republican spin doctors have been given some time to work their magic, but, no, I thought the deal sounded O.K. from the start, and then the liberal media, I think, started working some doubts into me. Bottom line: It's really just very prejudiced to deny these guys the opportunity to invest in these ports.



Jim Lichtenwalter said...

Ralph, the more I hear the more I agree. At first it sounded like a horrible idea but when I heard that only 10% of our ports are currently operated by U.S. firms I started to wonder.

Stan Langerhaus said...

I cannot deny it appears that most politicians are making opportunistic noise about this matter. That someone would find that surprising is in fact more strange to me. I do recall that Clinton faced a similar charge when his administration encouraged the Loral satellite deal with China. So it seems that once the secutiy issue is raised everyone feels obligated to grandstand about how concerned they are for the safety of this nation. But to go so far as to say proudly that Dubai is our ally is like me stating that Wegmans is my ally.

What really should be investigated is how close certain members of the executive branch are to this deal and whether or not inside officials have enriched themselves by the use of the their government positions.

However, I think that the congressmen and senators will somehow neglect to ask questions like that if and when the opportunity arises.

Ralph said...

Yes, Congressmen and Senators are in no position to ask about officials enriching themselves by using their government positions.

Anonymous said...

You mean Wegman's isn't my ally, Stan? Geez, and what about WSEE TV? They always tell me that they're "on [my] side." Drats.

Yeah, opportunism is the name of the game. Hillary Clinton is now trying to move to the right of the Right in all of this. I saw her speak on the matter and she sounded like an old-school Republican.

I don't have anything against her, but I can see why Hillary drives everyone crazy. I can see why her husband did as well. They play the political game better than most people and it drives the other politicians crazy because they get outmaneuvered.

John McCain continues to be the voice of reason. He said something like this, "There seems to be a lot of details that we don't know about this deal yet. We need to give it some time and invstigate the situation."

Believe it or not, someone attacked McCain for this position, saying that McCain was simply afraid to take a stand against the Bush administration. I'll side with McCain on this.

When are we going to begin discussing the presidential race for 2008? Articles are beginning to appear (


Ralph said...

If you get a chance, check out Richard Cohen's article in the Erie-Times news on the ports topics. The liberal bloggers - I definitely consider Cohen a liberal comlumnist, but the fact he is published in print, I guess makes him way more conservative than the digital gang - are blasting him for it. I pretty much agree with it, I think, at least based on the information I have so far. I'm still waiting for a smokin' gun (or mushroom clouse, according to Condi) as to why this deal with the UAE shouldn't be allowed to go through.