Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Rielly's context

Well, it finally came today, the first defense that Gannon basketball coach John Reilly's comments regarding this year's team were "taken out of context." It came in the form of a Letter to the Editor written by former SportsLook editor, Gannon hoopster, and GU basketball announcer Jim Roddy. As I think I have discussed with DoktorD, what context could have possibly made Reilly's throwing his players under the bus more palpable?

Roddy attacks Times reporter Duane Rankin for writing a story based on the quotes which were "taken out of context." I read John Dudley's column where the quotes were first reported and could find no redeeming context for them. So, why didn't Roddy attack Dudley as well? I am not going so far as to accuse Jim of being racist, but I am going to call him a bully. Jim has known both Dudley and Reilly for a long time and seems to be taking his shots at the new guy, which I think is unfair. I thought Rankin's article where he interviewed the two Gannon players about Reilly's comments was some of his best work with the Times and he deserves kudos and not blame for it.

Unless, of course, someone can explain to me what the "context" of Reilly's quotes was. Once again, not to pick on Reilly here, because from all accounts, he's not a bad guy, but I think he made a mistake and should own up to it. Hats off to Mr. Rankin for calling him out.


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