Wednesday, March 29, 2006



I wanted to learn your thoughts concerning Linda Bebko-Jones. First, she said she was going to run for office, then her signatures were challenged by Dennis Iaquinto and she dropped out of the race. What's up with that? It suggests that at least some of the signatures may have been bogus and that she didn't want to fight.

So, she goes from champion of the East Side to private citizen. That surprises me because politicians typically don't shy away from a fight.

I think she might be feeling some of the fall out from Operation Clean Sweep. She's an incumbent and she voted for the "midnight pay raise" last summer. Maybe she felt she was doomed anyway.

It will be interesting to see what happens to Matthew Good. He may get bounced as well.



Ralph said...

Yeah. That Bebko-Jones whole career free fall is a bit of a mystery to me. First, she had the dreadful run for mayor and now this. The Times seems convinced she's a victim of Clean Sweep, although I don't know what the signature challenge has to do with that. According to a seperate article in today's paper, some of the new candidates are being subjected to that as well and at least one is pretty hot about the way Iaquinto is going after technicalities. Perhaps Bebko-Jones is just tired or even sick. Good, of course, is neither, so he should at least put up a "Good" fight.


Oh, right one more thing, it's rumored that Bebko-Jones was heard mumbling something about Bus's nephew having been supposed to succeed her and how distraught she was after he moved to the 'burbs.

DocTorDee said...

I'll run your comment by Bus's nephew and see what he has to say...

What's a job like that pay, anyway?