Friday, March 10, 2006

Back online

Apologize for that outage over the past day and a half. Finally, figured out that "re-publishing" the blog - whatever that means, would get us back online - or able to be viewed I guess as the controls remained active even while the front page appeared down.

Yesterday kind of sucked from a technological standpoint. My router - a Dell (never buy a Dell wireless router) went down. It was the second time it died - the first time I got a new one cuz I was under warranty. This time I had to go out and purchase a new NetGear device (they actually support Windows ME - God bless them) - and I got it up and running in 20 minutes (as the box promised.) The Dell thing took me hours of fucking around with to get online the first time and was always touchy and a pain in the ass. It didn't really support ME, but they told me it did - and I bought it when I bought my laptop (which has been fine), which I got cheap, etc. etc.

Anyways, my fears that we were shut down over our posts about Flight 93 or Dr. Garvey appear to be unfounded.

Carry on.



Jim Lichtenwalter said...

I was wondering what happened to your site...

Thought maybe the NSA was snooping around and decied it was an Anti-Bush blog...

Wonder if they would pick this up since I used the words terrorist, Bin-Laden, Bush, kill, 911.

Ralph said...

Thanks for the help.