Saturday, March 18, 2006

Photos and the NCAAs

Okay. It took me about 45 minutes to figure out how to post a photo. Not a simple process...involves downloading software and such. Then there were size limitations, so I had to re-edit the original pic. Blah, blah, blah.

I seem to have the bugs worked out for now.

So, Ralph, what are your thoughts on the NCAA tourney? I see that Syracuse bit the dust.

Did Pitt win or lose?



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Ralph said...


I think I warned you about the picture thing. Great photos though and perspective. Looking forward to more - which if/as I see them will let me know if you've worked the bugs out.

Also, for the most part, (I used to love the NCAAs), I now find the tourny overhyped and a bit over packaged. It used to be when kids went to school for four years, you'd get some really special teams out there. I believe like Sam Perkins, James Worthy, and Michael Jordan all might have been on the same team that played Georgetown with Pat Ewing, Sleeping Floyd, and David Windgate. Now, these kids have one good year and their gone... That said, this Adam Morrison from Gonzagnuts is tremendous fun to watch and he'll be on in primetime tonight.

Pitt's also kind of fun to cheerful and then won - beat Kent State yesterday. Also, Kansas, the #4 seed and "one of the hottest teams in the country" coming into the tournament, who was supposed to play pit on Sunday, got knocked out by #15 seed Bradley - So Pitt gets to play Bradley to advance to the round of 16. I would assume that's good. Also, Pitt's point guard - a tremendous player named Charles Krauser was mouthing off about how he couldn't wait to play UCLA in the round of 8 - UCLA is coached by Ben Howland - who had coached at Pitt previously. So that would be kind of a fun matchup if it happens.

Cheers. Out.