Friday, March 24, 2006

Meaningful Differences


There's a notion that we've been chewing on in the band that I thought you'd get a kick out of. It's called the creation of "meaningful difference."

The idea is that, in life and in music, the attitude is to create meaningful differences so that daily experience is always fresh and new even as it is also part of a larger pattern.

It's a secret of life.

In music, it means attempting sounds and rhythms that nobody "is doing," because nobody else can be doing what you're doing at that particular time. So, you gotta "go for it" and create meaningful differences...the tender little caresses, the roaring drum rolls, the squealing all has to be part of the show.

Oh yes, and sex is all about meaningful differences, but you knew that already...

Carry on,


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Ralph said...


The "meaningful differences" concept sounds like the concept of growth vs. atrophy. As the world around you continues to change and evolve - and things are in constant motion - you must make your adjustments, create or excercise your meaningful differences. This is indeed what keeps you alive from a creative standpoint. Also, where'd you get that info on my sex life - damn Google!