Monday, November 16, 2009

What did we ever do to Bud Adams?

Well, there was the comeback game, but come on, we stink... why waste the energy Bud? Why do you hate us so? Really, if you haven't seen this, it's worth 14 seconds of your time.... (It's the Titans' 86-year-old owner flipping off the Bills bench yesterday. Honest.)


stan langerhaus said...

Perhaps one of the Bills is banging his granddaughter? I'd be upset too if one of those suck-ass Buffalo Bills was ramming my little girl. Wouldn't you?

Ralph said...

Could be. Might be his great grand-daughter...He is 84.

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess when you're 86 and super rich, you can give the finger to the world.

Kinda weird, however, because it seems like the world has been pretty good to him.

Most guys would kill to have his fortune and to be an NFL owner.

Most of his fortune comes from petroleum.

The Titans are said to be worth $922 million.

Apparently the league has fined him $250,000 for his behavior.

I also learned that Adams' son, Kenneth, died of an apparent suicide in 1987. Sad. Shows you that even with tons of money, life can be painful and overwhelming.

Ralph said...

Nice psychoanalysis on Bud Adams. Most people just write him off as a kooky old guy, but you looked deeper and recognized a conflicted and tortured soul...I feel like I have the beginning of a Real Men of Genius script coming on here.