Thursday, November 12, 2009

More on political winds of change

In a piece that appeared in today's Erie Times News, one of my favorite conservative columnists, Jonah Goldberg, echoed some of the sentiments I expressed regarding the change in the political landscape that has taken place over the past year. He agrees that despite the optimistic face national Democrats put on last week regarding the results, the Blues have reasons to be worried. I said I felt Grossman's narrow win in Erie County was evidence of this.

Just to address Mayor's Sinnott's easy win over Republican Jack Anderson: In my memory, a Republican has never seriously challenged for the Erie mayor's office and Anderson had already lost like 4 times before, so he has proven pretty well that he doesn't have much support. Plus, Sinnott is a fairly conservative Democrat, especially when it comes to spending, and I think people in Erie like that. Congrats Joe!


edgecliffe said...

The last mayor from the Republican party was Charles Williamson. Lou Tullio was named Mayor after Mike Cannavino passed away before he took office. Actually, I think he died before the election, but too late to remove his name from the ballot, becoming the first deceased person to be elected to public office.

Ralph said...

Thanks for the history lesson. Should I assume the political dynamics of the city have changed considerably since Mr. Williamson was elected, or would it be possible to have a Republican mayor today if we just had a good enough candidate?