Monday, May 15, 2006


For something that is likely owned by Satan, Starbucks is a really nice place. I know I did my whole Tim Hortons addiction rant a few days ago. TH's coffee is good, but the atphosphere is pretty stuffy. Starbucks, for being a chain, does an amazing job with atmosphere.

I'm currently at this place in Philadelphia's Historic District (3rd and Arch) - right down near Independance Hall, Ben Frankin's grave, and the Franklin mint. There's been killer music on, as usual, for the last hour. The building itslf is also amazing. It's across the street from the Real World Philadelphia house. It's this really old buildng with a tremendous brick/stone facade, and these long, high windows that let in great light. They've modernized inside, but kept it pretty Spartan. There's like an aura, a breath to this place, like there is in all old buildings and I really enjoy it. It's got good air.

Plus I can get wi-fi. Starbucks does a great job mering the past with the present. It's really a place of wealth and taste.



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