Thursday, May 04, 2006

Annex Mexico

The United States should annex Mexico.

It would solve the current Mexican immigration problem and US employees whose jobs are Mexico-bound could cross the border and begin working without losing citizenship.

How do you say Steris in Espanol? I'm not kidding. Bring on the pesos.

Either that, or let's announced USMC. UnitedStatesMexicoCanada. We could have free borders between countries and focus on guarding the entire land mass instead. An attack on one country would be considered an attack on all.

That might confound (or at least confuse) Al-Quaeda.

Speaking of loonies, we should be free to spend lots of those north of the border, as well. They take lotsa loonies at Tim Horton's, don'tcha think, Ralph? So their profit would be our profit. Brilliant, eh? And who doesn't love the maple leaf?

How about the North American Treaty Organization, NATO?...doh! That one's already taken.

As for Biden's notion of The United States of Iraq...Three separate states with shared national defense? That sounds familiar. Think it'll fly in the Arab world?

Bet not.



Ralph said...

Annex Mexico? Interesting idea. I'm not sure how their government would mesh with ours. I think our currption is a bit more sophisticated than theirs. As far as Canada goes, I don't think we could stomach that whole socialized medicine system - although we probably should. The different between North America and Iraq is that we aren't killing each other at least, so coming up with a solution is less urgent. Sure, this whole immigration thing is a pain in the ass, but it hasn't turned violent. Is there any chance of it turning violent? probably not. Incidentally, I'm typing this from Starbucks outside the mall and the place is jammed asshole to asshole - thought I'd try a Tim Hortons alternative, but it's so crowded I haven't even got in line yet for my coffee and thus my thoughts are disjointed and rambling.


Stan Langerhaus said...

Interesting proposal.... Along this line did anyone read the article in the Onion? Pretty funny.

DocTorDee said...

That's what I'm talking about, Stan. Keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

I want some of what you're smoking...