Saturday, May 06, 2006

Great City or What? (Stress on second part)

I know last week there was something in the paper about this Keep Erie Wierd movement... but has anyone seen the front page of today's Erie Time-News? The main story is about the exciting horse racing that people will be able to gamble on soon - and how the purses will be driven by the slots revenue. There's even some comment about people being able to drink, play slots, and gamble on horses at the same time- the whole she-bang!- and this is presented as a positive thing. Then, there's a a story about our horribly mismanaged County Fair, which is teetering on bankruptcy. Apparently some of the "best of fair" winners haven't even been paid. There's also a story about low-income neighborhood healthcare clinics closing down. Finally, there's a story about a "shocking" drug bust in a trailer park near Taki's.

And, that's the front page ladies and gentleman, in your fabulous city. One note I will make - hats off to Mark DiVecchio for his work to seemingly keep the county fair on track for this year. This may all be a little political grandstanding - as the guy from Northwest Bank seems to keep insisting they had no plans for foreclosing on the fairgrounds, but at least DiVechhio is doing something that looks good for a change. Hell, I never thought Phil English would make much of a politician in his early years, but look at him now! There's hope for ole' Marky D. yet.

Finally, I love this part in the drug bust story about neighbors copying down the licenses plates of the 30 or so cars that were showing up a night at this trailer to buy drugs. Why do people care if other people use and buy illegal drugs? Never understood this.




Stan Langerhaus said...

I read that Keep Erie weird pep rally article last week also. And I didn't know what the hell I was reading at the time. I guess if there is no news to report, you may as well put in propaganda.

By the way, am I the only person who can't access the links at the Times site about 80% of the time? I thought that the Times had its own in-house web design and hosting.

I tell you, the only reliable source for all that matters that I have been able to find is at Ralph's Place.

Ralph said...

Thanks Stan. (We try to keep it real, here, Man - etc.)

As far as the Times links go, maybe you need to be logged into the Goerie site to be able to successfully link.

DocTorDee said...

I can relate, Stan.

I think the Times-News website generaly sucks. I've had countless frustrations with it, even when I've entered via GoErie.

And I still don't understand why the domain is not or some derivative, rather than GoErie. That's foolish on their part.

That's it, I suppose.

"Acres of grass to cut today and miles to go before I sleep."



Ralph said...

I did some grass cutting, hedge trimming and general week whacking today myself. Is there anything better than sitting in the sun, admiring, and breathing in the aura of your fresh cut lawn?