Saturday, September 04, 2010

Verizon Customer Service

Wow, it's been forever since I posted.

Maybe I've had not much interesting to say.

But tonight I guess as I do.

As a went to a football game, on a beautiful night

Only to have the power go out, dimming the lights

and my DSL got fixed

after a week of being out

and I told all my newsletter subscribers

to drop their stock in Verizon if they had it.




Joe LaRocca said...

Ralph - ?See my post today on letters to the editor on my blog erie counternewsmedia

Joe LaRocca

Joe LaRocca said...

Ralph- Ignore my earlier post I meant to send that to Jo Jo. Here's what I meant to write to you. Verizon has raised my hs internet from $1 to $1 per month. Have yo or any of your readers had that experience?

Joe LaRocca said...

Sorry. That should be from $21 to $41.Bad day.

Ralph said...


I started with Verizon several years ago, and I think I've always paid the $41, but I don't mind because I use it for work and the service used to be really good. Over the years, the service has degerated to abysmal. I'm not sure why that is - perhaps it's a natual byproduct of growing - but I'm definitely considering alternatives at the moment

Anonymous said...

If your going to pay $41 a month why don't you go to time warner? DSL is slow and not worth the money or the problems that horrible company like Verizon provides.

Ralph said...

I don't know. I think it may relate to my previous relations with Time Warner when trying to get an HD feed. It was bad and led to my premature embracing of IPTV, along with over-the-air HD - which is actually great.