Thursday, July 08, 2010

LeBron to Make Call Tonight

Rumors are floating around that it's going to be Miami - teaming up with Wade and Bosh - but I hate that possibility because I just can't imagine why LeBron and Wade would want to be on the same team at this stage in their careers. Anyhow, press conference/selection show is being held in Greenwich, CT-so, maybe it's the Knicks. Seems like the Cavs are going to be screwed.

Bill Simmons, ESPN's sports guy, wrote a long column on the whole LeBron thing, but let me just give you the final paragraphs, which are great:

"… what the hell kind of sporting event is this? It's like college signing day crossed with JFK's assassination. LeBron's team wanted to keep people talking and promote his website, and really, that's what happened. The man nearly exploded Twitter and melted ESPN. He transcended free agency, the World Cup, everything. He will draw a massive television audience tonight; he's the only professional athlete who could have pulled that off.

What a week for LeBron's brand. I just hope he remembers to wipe the blood off the knife after he pulls it from Cleveland's back."



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stan langerhaus said...

R, I don't know what is wrong with me. I did not watch the "Decision", just like I never saw more than 5 minutes of "Lost." Yet I am compelled to read about the hype/anticipation/fulfillment/letdown that each pointless climaxing event has occasioned. I guess I am just fascinated with how people get wrapped up in such triviality.

Once again we have the "journalism" professionals debating whether or not it was the right thing to do, just like they did after they interrupted Sesame Street for the breaking news footage of Bud Dwyer blowing his brains out. "Oh what have we done?" "Have we gone too far?" They always wail afterward as if waking up in bed in some post-coital hangover in bed with a child prostitute on the floor. And then after a few days, they are back in the bar on the lookout for the next sweet piece of ass to get into.

But for what it is worth, I can't fault LBJ for jumping to a new town. But the way he did is was so contrived and tasteless, it's just hard to believe that nobody had the decency to peg it to a half hour... Unless LBJ really just hated the Cavs owner and wanted to stick it to him more than he wanted to leave on decent terms with his fans in Cleveland.