Friday, September 10, 2010

Mouse in the Garbage

I heard this sound like an animal burrowing in my office this morning. Thought it was coming from the pile of junk in the corner, or maybe behind my desk. Wasn't really that excited about it and was hoping whatever it was would go to sleep, so I could try and catch it with a trap at night. But the burrowing continued, and I was having a hard time pinpointing it - when I realized it was coming from the garbage can right next to my desk! (Thank God, my 9 a.m. call cancelled. What if I had been on the phone when I came to this realization?) Yes, the same garbage can I had reached into earlier to pull out my leather business card holder. How did that get in there?

Well, I picked up the can and tossed all the contents out the door, and out came flying a tiny little creature - I think it was a mouse, but it could have been a frog for all I know, and it scurried away.

Yes, Wild Kingdom lives.

Marlon Perkins.


stan langerhaus said...

Perhaps it was your conscience. How, pray tell, do you intend to capture that?

Ralph said...

Wow. Are you saying the mouse symbolized my conscience. If that is the case, I certainly prefer it to run free through the universe - not necessarily connected to my physical being. This is the essance of eternity, my man.