Monday, September 13, 2010

Outdoor TV

Seems to be the latest trend - what with the new digital projectors and flatscreen TVs that are extremely portable - not to mention that ability to stream Internet video through wireless connections. I think this is a good thing. Beteween Thursday and Sunday, I watched most of three football games outdoors (on video, not to mention that two grade shool games live on Saturday - I think I've OD'd on football). No doubt this outdoor viewing will become more difficult come November, but for now, the barbeque and beer sitting in the cooler sure is nice.



stan langerhaus said...

what happened to the bills?

Ralph said...

where do you want me to begin?
1. Bad players
2. Less-than-stellar front-office
3. A mediocre head coach, at best

The Bills have problems that can't be fixed without a complete overhaul of the people running the show- unfortunately, it starts at the top with our 90-year-old Hall of Fame owner. Of course, when he goes, there's also a chance (maybe 50%) that the team leaves Buffalo under new ownership.

So, it really appears to be a lose-lose all the way around. At least, we'll always have O.J. and the late 1980-early 1990s Super Bowl run...