Monday, January 18, 2010

NFL Playoffs: Success of the Sons

I find it fascinating that Brian Schottenheimer and Rex Ryan are the coaching braintrust behind the underdog Jets and their 2-0 run in the playoffs. If you follow football, you probably realize that they are the sons of two very successful NFL coaches, Marty Schottenheimer and Buddy Ryan, whose careers are often defined by their playoff failures. Marty was 5-13 in the postseason as a head coach with three different teams, while Buddy went 0-3 with some pretty talented Eagles squads. The kids led the Jets to a fairly mediocre 9-7 regular season record this year, but have two surprising road victories to their credit in the playoffs and a date at Indianapolis for the AFC Championship on Sunday.


Anonymous said...

After reading your post, I had an instant vision of those two guys as kids, sitting by the TV, watching their dads coach.

They were studying--and probably second-guessing--every move their dads made.

No better learning situation than that.

Keep up the good work.

Ralph said...

I think I'm starting to pull for a Jets upset on Sunday...