Friday, October 17, 2008

Life on Mars

I few years ago, I realized had a bit of an obsession with the year 1973. I would have turned six that year, and my first real sports memories come from that time. For example, I remember the 1973 Super Bowl, which took place in January, between the Redskins and Dophins, but I don't remember the 1972 World Series, between the A's and Reds, which took place a few months previous. I do remember the 1973 Series, between the Mets and A's, however, as well as O.J. rushing for 2,000 yards, and even Secretariat winning the Triple Crown.

So, they launch this TV show on ABC last week and it's about this 41-year old guy who is transported back to 1973 after getting hit by a car. But, he's not a a six-year-old kid, but an adult, who is a police detective, just like he is in 2008. But then, although most everything seems real, as real as 1973 can be, he gets these not-so-subtle messages from time-to-time that he's really in a coma or something and this world has been constructed just for him. And then I start thinking about my obsession with 1973 and start thinking that perhaps this show, and my world, are constructed just for me... and it gets really strange.

On top of that, I read a review of this show, and it asks, "do they really expect us to feel nostalgic for the year 1973?" and my answer is yes, of course, I love 1973. But, my wife, for instance, who is also my age, seems to be indifferent towards it. So, I'm baffled. Does anyone else appreciate this show or is it on just for me?




Stan Langerhaus said...

R, I have not seen that show. But I did learn something the other day which has really gotten to me. Not only is the earth going to be destroyed in about 5 billion years when the sun becomes a red giant and you might think that in 5 billion years humans might have it together enough to move on to greener planets, but at some point the ever expanding universe is going to entirely rip apart as the force of the expansion overcomes the bonds of gravity. At that point, so the theory goes, everything begins to separate on a molecular level, then an atomic level then at a subatomic level. Until there is absolutely nothing left in the universe. Of course, this does not happen until some 10 billion years from now. But it just leaves me feeling a bit empty right now.

Ralph said...

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust...don't they say Major Tom's a junkie (or something).


DrD said...


All of what you write is entirely true, unless, of course, something different happens.


DrD said...


I've seen that show, but for me, the year is 1969 and Joe "Willy" Namath and the Jets beat up Johnny Unitas and the Colts in the Super Bowl.

Led Zeppelin I is released (something I would not know about until a few years later), and Apollo 10 is launched.

The Miracle Mets win the World Series (with the people in The Big Apple not making any friends in Baltimore after the football and baseball seasons...yikes).

Just kidding, Dude, I haven't seen the show, but I like the premise.

I'm also a big fan of 1973.

1969, for me, is like your 1973.