Thursday, October 23, 2008

Electronic Voting Machines and Fraud

Here's what I do on my day job, if you're interested.



Susan B. Anthony said...

I think that I saw part of that movie or something similar to it the other day. An Princeton professor was an expert witness in an injunction to force NJ to provide a paper receipt of your vote. He showed that without using any real sophistication that you can open the machine and replace a chip and suddenly the machine is now hacked. Took him all of seven minutes and he did not break a sweat.

The best part about it was the voting machine designer/manufacturer was trying to prevent the introduction of the evidence as it not being a realistic test. Once again, rather than deal with the problem, the state and the company were more interested in covering up the problem than fixing it.

Not sure how the case ended up or if it is still pending.

Ralph said...

Princeton and New Jersey were not featured in this movie, but the concept is the same.