Monday, December 17, 2007

Winter Weekend

Lot of snow. Did some shoveling and lit two fires. Can't ask for much more.




DrD said...

I was asking that the Bills knock off the Cleve Brownies, but to no avail.


Ralph said...

What a game! Did you get to see any of it? Played in a blizzard. Bills got schooled all day long, then put on this wonderful drive in the waning seconds-made it all the way to the Brownies 10 before getting stuffed. Browns clearly had the better team, but at least the Bills made a game of it, so I wasn't totally disappointed.

I'll take the very un-American view that entertainment is more important than winning in professional sports. Granted, winning can contibute to a team's entertainment value, but there's something to said for putting up a good competitive fight with some style points.



Oh yes, Vikings pulled another one out last night. Missed it unfortunately, as Andrew was down with a fever. I probably would have tried harder to catch the action if it had been played on the old frozen tundra of the met. (Can't you see a mud-splattered Chuck Foreman spinning his way for four yards against the Rams in the playoffs...)