Monday, October 30, 2006

Verizon DSL

So, I know everyone likes to complain about bad service, but for once, I'd like to give some kudos and plaudettes for some quality service from Verizon DSL. When I first got the stuff installed, the service was great, but then is dropped off severely over the past year or so. However, it seems, they must have had a reorg or something, as I just completed a great and satisfying exchange with them. On Friday, it seems I blew out my modem. Don't know how it happened, but I suspect it had something to do with my wireless router. I didn't know what was wrong, so I just phoned tech support and believe it or not, got a person, right away. It was an Indian gentleman, and he couldn't have been more helpful. He didn't waste time, and after a couple of tries, he determined my modem was fried and transferred me to the correct person to order a new one. They told me two to three business days, and it showed up today. I plugged it in, and I am back on-line. Anyways, it was a remarkably painless service call - with the exception of the $40 for the new modem (or was it $30). Does anyone have a modem older than 4 years, because they seemed to think that was about all I could expect out of the thing?




Ron said...

Just wait until you get the lovely "Bees that have eaten through wires in the phone box on the pole outside your house" problem with your DSL. Nothing cooler than seeing a phone tech scooping out half awake bees in 10 degree temperatures!

DSL modems aren't that hardy; Hell, cable modems seem to crap out after a few years as well. One thing you might consider is putting it up on tiny stands or something, so it has a chance to air out; It's basically a passive heat sink inside, and built up head can end it's life after long periods of exposure. The modem is usually always on, so there's a good deal of stress on it.

Ralph said...

Good thought thanks. Maybe I'll prop it up... I'll eagerly await the bee episode. Were they fairly responsive on that one?